New Honey Law

For those who are planning on selling honey and honey-related products at your local Farmer’s Market. With the new Honey Law that took place nearly a year ago, beekeepers can now sell their own honey to anyone without the requirement of a commercial kitchen for bottling. Here is a link to those statues:

Keep in mind, if you add additional ingredients to the honey, like flavoring, then that is a different ballgame. Check with your local health department for details as these widely vary from county to county. Here is a link that explains the rules for labeling honey products:


No Sales Tax Required When Selling at Farmer’s Markets

Recently, Missouri passed legislation that allows folks selling products at Farmer’s Markets to be exempt from charging sales tax. Of course, there are some stipulations, but here is a link to get that information:


EPA Releases Preliminary Risk Assessments for Pesticides Potentially Harmful to Bees

Release Date 01/06/2016 More Information

Pollinator Stewardship Council

Beekeepers, Farmers, and Public Interest Groups Sue EPA over Failed Oversight of Neonicotinoid-coated Seeds

Date Published 01/09/2016 More Information

Bee Kills Must Be Reported

Quick Guide to Reporting a Pesticide-Related Bee Kill Incident

More Information


“Tools for Varroa Management-A Guide to Effective Varroa Sampling & Control”

Drafted under the direction of University of Delaware Professor Dewey M. Caron — First Edition 2015

HBHC Guide_Varroa_Interactive_23Sep

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