Youth Scholarship

Midwestern Beekeepers Association (MBA)


  • To educate youth in the art of beekeeping and to promote a better understanding of  the value of honeybees to our environment and to the food chain.
  • To provide an opportunity for youth to experience responsibility and enjoyment through beekeeping.
  • To provide an avenue for youth to engage in an avocation and gain the potential to pursue beekeeping as a sideline or a full-time vocation.

The Awards:

The Apis Award

  • A Midwestern Beekeepers Association one-year membership.
  • A beginning beekeeper seminar and textbook (February or March)
  • Mentorship sessions in an apiary with a beekeeper

The Youth Scholarship Award:

Year One:

    • Protective clothing: hat, veil and gloves.
    • A beginning beekeeper seminar and textbook (February or March)
    • Three apiary visits with MBA beekeepers during the first year
    • A Midwestern Beekeepers Association annual membership

Year Two:

  • A complete set of woodenware for a beehive. 
  • A nucleus colony or package of bees for the hive.
  • Basic beekeeping gear: hive tool, bee brush and bee smoker.
  • A beginning beekeeper seminar and textbook (February or March)
  • Mentoring by a Midwestern Beekeepers Association member until completion.
  • A Midwestern Beekeepers Association annual membership


The applicant must:

  • Be between the ages of 10 and 18 by February 1st of the Award Year.
  • Be a resident of Missouri.
  • Be currently enrolled in public, private, or home school.
  • Have permission to apply from a parent or guardian.
  • Have no immediate family members that are currently beekeepers.
  • Submit application (postmarked) to Midwestern Beekeepers Association no later than October 31, the year before the Award Year. (unless previously agreed)


  • The Midwestern Beekeepers Association Youth Program Committee may arrange an interview with finalists and their parents or guardian.
  • The Scholarship Committee Chair will award the scholarship and notify the applicant(s) after the January General Meeting of the Award Year.

Midwestern Beekeepers Association

The recipient of The Youth Scholarship Award  will receive the following:

  • Woodenware consisting of two standard hive bodies with frames and foundation
  • Bottom board, top cover, inner cover
  • Two honey supers
  • Queen excluder
  • Feeder
  • Nucleus or package of bees with queen
  • Beginner’s equipment to start the beekeeping project (veil/protective clothing, smoker, hive tool, bee brush)
  • Beekeeping text and instruction notebook.

 The recipient will also receive the additional benefits:

  • Midwestern Beekeepers Association membership for 2 years
  • Mentoring by a Midwestern Beekeepers Association member until completion
  • MBA assistance in extracting the first year’s honey crop
  • A MBA Beginning Beekeeping Workshop

The recipient The Youth Scholarship Award will:

  • Agree to a (2) two-year commitment from the Youth Scholarship Recipient and Parent/Guardian. (Commitment begins in January) Note: Parent/Guardian is expected to attend all activities with
    the student scholar
  • Attend the Midwestern Beginning Beekeepers Workshops (1st year student and parent are responsible for lunch cost, 2nd year at no charge.
  • Visit three MBA beekeepers (current members) during the first year. Ask each beekeeper at least five questions and turn in a summary to the YS Chairperson, of what they learned from those beekeepers, at the December meeting of the first year.
  • Attend MBA monthly meetings to help with set up/take down, registration table and tell a fun fact about bees. ( Must attend 9/12 of the meetings, and be recommended by the board to progress to the second year)
  • Keep a written record complete with dates, photos and other pertinent data sufficient to substantiate all progress of beekeeping experiences.
  • Complete two service projects during the year. Service projects may include activities such as speaking to a school class or a meeting of a youth civic organization (4-H or Scouts).
  • Present a final report of activities and progress including service projects and beekeeping records
  • Provide at least one State or County Fair entry related to honey or honey bees (honey, photo contest, gift basket, informative poster, etc.—ask for suggestions)
  • Study the material provided in order to become an informed beekeeper and pass the required exam.

Upon conclusion of the 2nd beekeeping year, if the scholarship recipient has met all requirements, the MBA President or Youth Scholarship Chairperson, will present her/him a Certificate of Ownership and full ownership of the colony and equipment.

If, at anytime during the beekeeping year, the youth scholarship recipient has neglected to care for the bees, no longer wishes to continue in beekeeping, or has failed to meet the end of year requirements, the scholarship mentor will take custody of the hive (including bees) and all related equipment. In coordination with MBA, the scholarship mentor will move the hive.