2013 June Minutes

DATE:   Thursday, June 20,2013, 7:00  at Bass Pro Shop, Independence, Mo.
OPEN:  President Cathy Misko, called the meeting to order with Thanks going to everyone who came early to help set up the room for the meeting.   Cathy announced it was pollinator week , and asked for a show of hands of new members/first time attendees.  She asked everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor by telling them their favorite native plant or flower.  Welcome.  Cathy stated that Phil had a wonderful program lined up for this evening and she would begin our meeting by introducing Club Officers.
SECRETARY:  Cindy Connell at the back table, passing out door prize tickets.  Cathy  reminded members and guests to be sure and review the monthly club minutes  posted on our website @ midwesternbeekeepers.org.
TREASURER’S REPORT:   Presented and filed per Ron Vivian.
MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Tanya Fisher reported new members this meeting:  Paul Kalsow of Harrisonville, Mo and Bill Tatum of Harrisonville, Mo.
EDITOR:  Joli Winer, Editor of our club newsletter , The Bee Line.   She announced the Cultivate K.C. Garden tour and invited members to check it out.  Cathy announced that Ezekiel had some tickets available and invited him to come up and tell a little bit about the Garden Tours.
LIBRARY REPORT:  Tom O’Neill reported 3 new books and 3 new DVD’s additions to our library.  Beekeeper’s Handbook 3rd Edition, Honey Revolution (Health) donated by Tom Axton, and Starting Right With Bees.  DVD’s: ‘ Successful Queen Rearing’ and ‘ Introduction to Beekeeping’ both donated by Tim Sevart and ‘Hive Splitting’ donated by Rick Messender.
HONEY PLANTS:   Tom Britz, Honey Plant Chair, reported  alfalfa,  basswood, birdsfoot trefoil, brambles, brassicas, buckthorn, clover, cucurbits, honeysuckle ,locust, milkweed, privet, sumac, sunflower, tulip poplar, vetch and willow were blooming this month.  He stated  while yellow clover was drawing to a close, white clover was starting .
OTHER INTRODUCTIONS:  Robert Burns, Auditor; Phill Levi, Monthly Programs; Terry O’Bryan, 1st Board Member; Ed Fisher, 2nd Board Member; Jim Fisher, 3rd Board Member; Dean Sanders, State Liaison Chair and Andy Nowachek, Past President.  Dean Sanders discussed the upcoming Missouri State Fair Beekeepers Assn. Bee Booth and announced the volunteer workers signup sheet was at the back table and he still had some openings.
UNFINISHED/ONGOING  BUSINESS:  We are continuing to take Name Tag orders or if you have already ordered a tag, be sure and pick it up at the back  table.
NEW BUSINESS:  Members were reminded to get their Cultivate KC tickets from Ezekiel at the back table if they were interested in touring the Gardens around Kansas City.
Cathy announced that our August 4th meeting would be a Picnic/Potluck/Honey Show/Auction.  Location has not been determined yet.  Discussion followed.
She also reported the Member’s Volunteer Swarm Retrieval List signup sheet was on the back table.   Anyone interested in cutting out a swarm in Centerview to please see her after the meeting for details.  Also someone’s swarm picture from the last meeting was left and if you wanted it to please pick it up at the back table.
 OTHER BUSINESS:  Cathy informed us of a variety of Bee Club Conferences coming up and the  educational opportunities.
Bill George, from Chillicothe, was asked to speak to the club about a new club started in north Missouri.  The North Central Missouri Beekeepers Association Club meets the first Monday  of each month at 7pm at the Vocational School in Macon, Mo.   For more information go to  the web address  http://ncmobees.org/index.htm or contact him atgeorge4@greenhills.net.
PROGRAM:  With no further announcements from the floor Phill Levi introduced Jim and Tanya Fisher who gave us a very informative program on extracting honey and preparing entries for the Missouri State Fair.  They have won numerous ribbons from their fair entries and gave us some tips on how to make our entry/entries  a winner.  Thank you Jim and Tanya.  Phill then commented on how terrific and  informative  the club newsletter  “The Bee Line” is .  He reminded everyone the “Magazine Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey” were for sale at the back table for $5.  He also discussed fair entries and opportunities to take advantage of.  Thank you Phill.
Cathy then reminded everyone if they hadn’t signed the register and got a door prize ticket to do so.  She then  offered tidbits of information  for members to answer.  At what % of moisture will honey ferment?  Answer: 20% except clover and heather honey.  With that in mind she said that several club members would have their refractometers at the next meeting and could check the moisture content of member’s honey.  It could be disqualified at 18.6%.  Various other words of wisdom were shared prior to closing the meeting and drawing door prizes.  *How many pounds of honey does it take to make 1# of wax?  Answer: 8#  How many pounds of wax in one 10 frame super?  Answer: 2.7#.  It takes 21.6# of honey to draw foundation in 1 super.  Wax is valuable.
*Plant some pollinator forage this week for Pollinator Week.*
*Check out the Cultivate KC.*
*Visit Dean to sign up to work at the Mo State Fair Beekeepers Assn. Bee Booth.*
* Thanks to everyone for Silent Auction donations last month and for helping set up and return our room on meeting nights.*
Cathy ‘s challenge question from April has still not been answered.  The US Military has researched the bee’s ability to “sniff” out explosives.  She challenged attendees to research this information to find out how far is it that bees can detect odors (wind excluded). Anyone up to the challenge, please E-mail Cathy with your answer and the resource.
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