2014 March Minutes

DATE: Sunday, March 16 , 2014, at 2:30 at Bass Pro in Independence, Mo.
OPEN: At 2:30, President Cathy Misko, called the meeting to order and welcomed all. She went on to inform members that our club has grown so much from The Beekeeping Revolution, that we are changing our meeting venue in April to Graceway Fellowship Hall, 5460 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City, Mo., a mere 9 minutes away from Bass Pro. A club member then stood and stated Washington State is encouraging people to raise bees. On that note, Cathy M reported to beekeepers that there is a shortage of bees available and recommended members get their bees ordered ASAP.
Cathy M requested a show of new members and then of those who had attended the Workshop the previous weekend. She asked everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share 1 new tidbit of information they had learned recently about bees or beekeeping. She then asked the Youth Scholarship to stand. Applause from attendees followed.
INTRODUCTION OF OFFICERS/CHAIRS AND REPORTS: Cathy M. asked if any corrections needed to be made to the Feb. minutes posted online. No Corrections, February minutes filed as posted. Be sure and check out the monthly club minutes posted on our website @midwesternbeekeepers.org
Secretary: Cindy Connell back at the registration table and passing out door prize tickets. Be sure and check out the monthly club minutes posted on our website
Membership: Tanya Fisher also at the back table taking new Memberships and renewal Membership dues.
Editor: Joli Winer,(not present),Publicity Committee Chair.
Auditor: Robert Burns,(not present).
Librarian: Tom O’Neill, reported a revised edition of “1st Lessons in Beekeeping” by Dadant to the Library and Cathy M stated she had a book titled “The Beekeeper’s Handbook”, by Diana Sammataro, that she would like to donate to our Library. Thank you Cathy M.
Webmaster: Cheryl Westra (arrived later).
Programs: Laura Fish.
Board Members: 1st ,Phill Levi; 2nd, Terry O’Bryan(not present),3
Honey Plants Chair: Tom Britz. Refer to his honey plant article on pollen colors in the Newsletter.
State Liaison Chair: Dean Sanders. Reported Mo State Beekeepers Association Spring Meeting March 21 & 22, 2014 (next weekend).
Treasurer: Wes Johnston, read the Treasurer’s report. Filed as read. Refer to attachment.
Cathy M. stated that all of these officers and directors are here to answer any questions you may have, just ask. Membership renewals, as well as ordering name tags for $8.00 and packages of bee flowers are for sale at the back table.
NEW BUSINESS: Cathy M. announced that the back table had a variety of fliers to sort through with information of upcoming events and information.
Dates to Remember:
MO State Beekeepers Association Spring, 2014 Membership Conference, March 21-22 at the Country Club Hotel & Spa, Lake Ozark, Mo. Cathy M reminded all new Membership that our Beginning Class participants could attend this meeting for free.
March 30th
Macon. Remember to bring in your pictures of swarms for viewing.
April 17th, 2014, regular Midwestern Beekeepers meeting will be held at a new venue, The Graceway Fellowship Hall on 5460 Blue Ridge Cutoff, K.C., Mo. This meeting is on Thursday at 7:00pm. Cathy M went on to describe the venue as having very nice up to date
accommodations , plenty of parking and room to move around.
May 22, 2014, regular Midwestern Beekeepers meeting, will be a Silent Auction. Be sure and dig out your donations. We hope to have some items to raffle off as well. This meeting also is on Thursday at 7:00pm.
Cathy M stressed the importance of The Midwestern Beekeepers Association providing Educational Programs at our monthly meetings to our membership. That being said she then turned the floor over to Laura F. for today’s program on Building Bee Hives and Beekeeper
Our first presenter was Jim Fisher, who demonstrated and explained how to put Langstroth hives together to stay together. He included tips he learned from experience and measurements for a “jig” to assist with frame building as follows: Inside Box- 4 13/16” tall, 16
7/8” long outside, and 13 13/16” deep outside. Outside Box- 17 13/16” x 13 15/16” ,height does not matter. His presentation included top and bottom board assembly also.
The second presentation was from Stuart Dietz. He demonstrated how to make wire frame foundations, as well as discussing other types of frame foundations pro’s and con’s. He recommended putting a board sealant or treatment on your hive boards prior to construction.
It of course, must be bee friendly and stated he uses Copper Naphthenate wood preservative – Midwestern Beekeepers special meeting on Swarms given by Bob Brammer from or PERM-E-8 wood preservative. He said Mann Lake Supply carries these products. They need
to be immersed totally and then left to dry for a month before assembly.
Both presenters answered questions as they were building and after construction.
Part B of our educational presentation today was on Gadgets and Tips. Several of our club members shared a variety of suggestions for making beekeeping a little easier. Several had special made items, while others had new uses for products already on the market.
Cathy M thanked our Master Woodworkers and gadget creators and with no further questions asked if everyone had their winning door prize tickets ready. After drawing for door prizes, Cathy M closed the meeting at 4:32.
The Master Woodworkers and Gadget Creators then came up front to the tables where their products were and answered questions to a very interested crowd of members.