2015 July Minutes

Midwestern Beekeepers Association
July Meeting Minutes
Date:  July 16, 2015 at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
Attendance:  62
Open:  Meeting opened at ~7:00pm by President Cathy Misko welcoming all to the meeting.  Directions were given to the Men’s/Women’s facilities and thanked all for continued donations to the REAP.  Asked everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share if and how many supers their bees have filled.
Introduction of Officers/Chairs and Reports:
Cathy M. asked all Officers/Chairs to raise their hands or stand, so attendees could identify members to direct questions to.  No corrections were needed on the online May and June meeting Minutes, so Secretary Cindy Connell was informed they could be filed as posted.
Librarian Tom O’Neill reported this month’s addition to the Club’s Library is “Bee Equipment Essentials” by Ed Simon.  He shared some of the information included in the book with attendees.
Tom Britz, Honey Plants, reported that the Honey Flow is slowing down, but there is still quite a bit of flowering going on.  He mentioned several varieties of plants blooming the bees are drawn to at present.  Thank you
Editor Janice Britz was not present, but Cathy M. mentioned the new and fresh look of our Newsletter “The Beeline”.
As Tanya Fisher, Membership, was not present, all Membership forms or questions need to be directed to Cindy C. Secretary or Wes Johnston Treasurer.
Dean Sanders, Mo Beekeepers Assn. Liasion, reminded all that Honey product entries to the Mo. State Fair need to be there on August 11, 2015 before 5:00pm. Anyone wanting to volunteer at the Mo State Beekeepers Honey Booth needs to see or call Dean S. to sign up please.
The Treasurer’s report was read by Wes Johnston, Treasurer.  Report will be filed as read.
Announcements:  Ongoing business at the back table was volunteer swarm retrieval/stained glass(order or pick up), name tag order/Mentor/Education outreach lists.  Also available at the back table was informational Brochures/Flyers including the “Nixon Sweet on Honey Bill” article.  Governor Nixon signed the Mo Honey Bill on 7-10-2015.
Cathy M. stated that in July a Nominating Committee is set up to fill next year’s(2016) Officer positions.   Those volunteering were Angela Summers, Bob and Michelle Williams, Steve DeCaigney and Harold Wright.  They were asked to see Cathy M. at the end of the meeting.  Members were also asked to contact one of these individuals if they were interested on holding a position in the club.
Cathy M. asked anyone who had donated money to purchase honey products for the time capsule, to see her.  She was unable to make the deadline and wanted to return their donation with a thank you.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the July 2, 2015 extra value class at Bass Pro was cancelled.  Not everyone got the cancel notice in time, so anyone who went to the Bass Pro to raise their hand and Cathy M. gave them a ‘Sweet peace Offering’ for their trouble.
Cathy M. asked guest Brandi Schoen, the KC Food Circle Membership Coordinator for Organic Farmers, to please stand and share information about her group and how it benefits Beekeepers and Farmers alike.  Thank you Brandi S.
Cathy M. shared some information regarding a bee retrieval opportunity available at Heritage Park in Overland Park, Ks. from a new home owner.  If anyone is interested, contact Cathy M. for more information.
Sunday, August 9, 2015- MBA next General meeting is our annual Picnic/Auction/Food & Fellowship/Scholarship Presentations and Awards/Games and our own Honey Show.  Reminders to bring auction donations which go to benefit the Youth Scholarships, bring a recipe card to accompany your potluck dish, bring your extracted honey products for judging and don’t forget if you chose to enter your honey in the State Fair, the club can take your entry to the Fair for you.
Dolores V. brought in a copy of a 1954 ‘Beeline’ Club Newsletter.  We’ve come a long way.  Thank you.
August 13-23, 2015- Mo State Fair in Sedalia, Mo.  Contact Dean Sanders, Wanda Johnston, Dolores Vivian, or Jim and Tanya Fisher with any questions.
September 3, 2015- Extra Value meeting at Bass Pro:  Mite Testing and Treatment Options after the Supers Come Off.  Check website www.midwesternbeekeepers.org for more information and time.
October 16-17, 2015- Mo State Beekeepers Fall Conference with Michael Bush known for keeping bees as natural as possible as well as other speakers, vendors and activities.
January 5-9, 2015- American Beekeeping federation (ABF) North American Conference and Tradeshow in Jacksonville, Fl.
The floor was turned over to Laura Fish, Programs, who spoke on club participation and that Wes and Wanda J. and Pete and Laura F. had attended the Heartland Apiary Society (HAS) Program in Albion, Michigan.  She shared that it reminded her of why she got into beekeeping.  They all enjoyed it and reported that next year it will be held in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Laura F. then introduced Bob and Michelle William, who spoke on swarm retrieval using a ‘Bee Vac’.  Attendees were invited to come up and inspect his homemade ‘Bee Vac’ in order to make their own if desired.  Questions were answered during and after.  Thank you.
The next speakers were Roger Nichols and Terry O’Bryan with their program titled “All You Ever Want to Know about Extraction” a hands on demonstration and informational presentation.   Both of these Beekeepers have a wealth of knowledge that was shared with attendees as well as letting all who wanted try their hand at decapping and extracting honey.  Their suggestions and variety of techniques will proof useful to all.  Questions were answered during and after.  Thank you.
With no more questions, the meeting was brought to a close with door prizes drawn.  Room was put back together, while thanks was extended to all who assisted.