2015 June Minutes

Midwestern Beekeepers Association
June Meeting Minutes
Date: June 18, 2015 at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
Attendance: 64
Open: Meeting was opened at 7:00pm by President Cathy Misko welcoming anyone here for the first time and all members new and old. Gave directions to the Men/Women facilities and thanked all for continued donations to REAP. Asked everyone to take a few minutes and introduce themselves to their neighbor and share how the weather is affecting their bees.
Introduction of Officers/Chairs and Reports:
Cathy M. asked all officers to stand and raise their hands so those attending could put a face with the name as she briefly introduced them. Due to technical difficulties, Cindy Connell, Secretary reported May’s minutes were not posted on line yet, but will be available for review prior to next meeting.
Librarian, Tom O’Neill, reported some new additions to the Club’s library. “Mating Biology of Honey Bees”, by Larry Conner; “Dovetails” by Robert Whenham on graftless queen rearing; “Queen Rearing Essentials”, 2nd edition donated by Wes and Wanda Johnston; “Beekeeping in the Midwest” by Elbert Jaycox donated by Janice Britz.
Honey Plant’s Man, Tom Britz, reviewed a variety of honey plants blooming at present. Discussion.
Membership forms are to be turned in to Tanya Fisher, Membership Officer, at the back table.
Wes Johnston, Treasurer, gave the Treasure’s report. No corrections. Will be filed as read.
Cathy M. reminded everyone to check the back table for Name tags/Stained Glass orders/Mentor/ Educational Outreach Opprotunities/Volunteer Swarm
Retrieval/EZ Nuc order lists.
Announcements: Cathy M. reported a successful May Silent Auction which will go toward the Youth Scholarship fund.
The Nuc Shadowing in the field with John Speckman and the Apis Students continues to be delayed secondary to flooded Apiaries again. Refer to our websitewww.midwesternbeekeepers.org and Facebook for updates on this project.
June 20, 2015 Pollinator Week at Powell Gardens. Be sure and let Cathy M. know if you would like to help.
June 27-28, 2015 is Cultivate KC Urban Garden Tour.
July 2, 2015 is “Bees at the Pro” with Matt Flemming. Programs Officer Laura Fish reported some information and time regarding this beekeeping value added program.
July 11, 2015 Artisan Day: www.wornallmajors.org/artisan-day/. Midwestern will be providing a Beekeeping Class and Products from the hive at Alexander Majors Barn, 8201 state Line. Please see Cathy M. if you want to sell any honey bee products at this function as we have been given a complimentary table.
October 16-17, 2015 is Mo State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference with Michael Bush known for keeping bees as natural as possible.
An individual from Kearney has a blown down bee tree. If anyone is interested in rescuing them, please contact Cathy M.
Cathy M. requested guest South Carolina Master Beekeeper Mell Wallace, to stand and share his beekeeping experience/program with the attendees. He has extensive knowledge and is more than willing to answer any questions or share his expertise in the field of Beekeeping. He invited anyone with questions to see him after the meeting and he would try and answer them.
As no one brought any honey in to be tested for moisture content and there were no more announcements from the floor, Laura Fish, introduced our first
speaker of the night, Dean Sanders, Mo Beekeepers Association Liaison. His program focused on the Mo State Fair, Aug 13-23, and why it is so important to enter your honey and beeswax. He also encouraged individuals to participate in the annual event. Not only it is educational, but it is fun for club members to share the beekeeping experience with other beekeepers and the public. See Dean S. and sign up for the day/time you would like to experience the fun working the Mo State Beekeepers Association booth at the Mo State Fair.
The next portion of tonight’s program was given by Jim and Tanya Fisher. They have been Grand Champions many times and are more than qualified to teach others how best to harvest, prepare and display honey and beeswax products at fairs. They passed out handouts of the Mo State Fair rules and regulations regarding these products and reviewed them individually, answering any questions members may have along the way. Competition is state wide and clubs as well as individuals are recognized for superior entries.
Cathy M. and Laura F. thanked Dean S. and Jim and Tanya Fisher for sharing their wealth of information with us tonight. Cathy M. invited members to bring their entries to the Aug picnic/auction meeting. Discussion.
The Mo State Capital is taking suggestions for items to be placed in their Time Capsule. Cathy M. thought honey products would be good. Discussion.
Meeting was adjourned with door prize drawings and thanks given to everyone donating to REAP and assisting with set up/returning the room as found.