2015 September Minutes

Midwestern Beekeepers Association

September Meeting Minutes

Date: September 17, 2015 at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.

Attendance: 62

Open: President, Cathy Misko welcomed all and asked for a show of hands for first time attendees, then new members. Directions were given for men and women’s facilities and thanks to all who brought REAP donations. Invited everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share how much Honey they had harvested or what their bees were doing.

All club Officers were asked to stand and/or raise their hands to identify to new attendees.

Cathy M. asked if any corrections needed to be made to the August online minutes. No corrections needed. They will be filed as posted.

The club Librarian, Tom O’Neill announced a new addition to the Library. “Honey” by Angelo Prosperi-Porta, a pastry chef in Canada’s best hotels/restaurants. He also opened a cooking school in 2001. The book contains over 200 recipes and covers the benefits of cooking with honey as well as the medicinal uses. Tom O. also mentioned the book “Bee Equipment Essentials” is available again for check out.

Tom Britz, our Honey Plant’s Man spoke briefly about what fall foliage is blessing the bees. Such as Autumn Sedum, Goldenrod, Dandelion, Burr Cucumber to name a few. For a more detailed overview and list, refer to Tom B.’s article in the newsletter.

Our Editor, Janice Britz, invited members to send their articles and/or pictures to her for possible placement in the Newsletter.

Dean Sanders, our Mo Beekeepers Assn. Liaison, thanked everyone who had assisted with the State Fair Honey booth and hoped they had enjoyed the experience.

Cathy M. asked Wes Johnston, to come forward and read the Treasurer’s Report. Report will be filed as read. Wes J. then spoke briefly regarding the Apimondia Worldwide Beekeeping Congress in 2019. He then made a motion for our club to donate ~$250 ($1 per club member) to promote this opportunity. The motion was seconded/light discussion/ show of hands approved. For more information on this topic go to www.apimondiausabidfor2019.org.

Cathy M. thanked all who attended the August picnic and hoped they enjoyed themselves. She also directed attendees to check the back table for sign up lists, brochures and other information including the Oxcillic Acid dribble discussed at the Sept 3, Bees at the Pro meeting.


September 19, 2015: Bud Motsinger, is holding an organizational bee club meeting at the American Legion in Braymer, Mo.

September 19, 2015: Native Plant Sale, 10:00 to 2:30. Mo Department of Conservation “Monarch Event” @ Anita B. Gorman Center, 47 Troost.

September 22-25, 2015: American Royal School Tour 9:00 to noon. Cathy M. asked for volunteers to assist her in this Community Outreach project. Attendance is usually high with ~4000 kids over the 4 day period.

October 16-17, 2015: The Mo State Beekeepers Fall Conference in Columbia, Mo. with speaker Michael Bush, known for keeping bees as natural as possible.

January 5-9, 2016: The American Beekeeping Federation will host the North American Conference & Tradeshow in Jacksonville, Fl.

Cathy M. introduced Clayton Lee, Mo State Beekeepers Assn. VP to stand and say a few words to members. He just recently moved to Smithville, Mo.

She then asked if anyone had brought honey in to be moisture tested. Dean S. has brought in his refractometer and would be glad to check it for them. C. Schneider, who lives 10 miles S of Plattsburg, has requested hives for 30 acres of clover/wildflowers. Contact Cathy M. for more information.

With no more announcements, Cathy M. introduced Michael Easton, Scholarship Student and turned the floor over to Laura Fish, Program Officer.

Michael E. gave his Scholarship presentation titled “My Honey Bees”. He reported he was able to harvest some Honey this year, but discovered it didn’t ‘stretch’ as far as he needed it to for family and friends. His Mentor’s are Tom & Janice B. Tom B. presented Michael E. with a Certificate of Ownership and his name tag. Congratulations Michael E.

Laura F. then introduced “Happy Hour with the Top Bar Tenders”, Ezekiel Amador III, Dr. Patrick Dobson and Mr. Roger Minniear. They led us through the Kenyan Top Bar Hive and the Warre Hive. Roger M. focused on the Kenyan Top Bar Hive construction and care as well as advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Patrick D. focused on the Warre Hive with the idea of making an endless tree concept. Ezekiel A. focused on equipment and extracting techniques. All 3 answered questions afterwards. Laura F. and Cathy M. thanked Ezekiel A. and his team.

Cathy M. also added for everyone to check out the webinar from Alex Zomchek (Ohio State Bee Assn/Master Beekeeper at http://u.osu.edu/beelab/what-newbees-need-to-know/) where he states, “Hands off beekeeping is no longer an option.” We need a NEW MINDSET having the philosophy to be our bees’ detective, physician, and scientist.

Cathy M. reminded attendees that this is a vital time of year to assure healthy bees going into the winter. Mites and nutrition should be our focus at this time of year. Also don’t forget the Nominating Committee is hard at work asking for volunteers for positions within the Board of Directors for 2016. See Angela Summers, Harold Wright, Bob and Michelle Williams or Steve DeCaigney if you are interested in throwing your hat into the ring.

Time for door prizes. Cathy M. thanked Suppliers and everyone who helped set up and put the room back in order.

Meeting adjourned.