2013 July Minutes

DATE:   Thursday, July 18, 2013, 7:00 at Bass Pro Shop, Independence, Mo.
OPEN:  President Cathy Misko, called the meeting to order with Thanks going to everyone who came early to help set up the room for the meeting.   Cathy asked everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share how their honey supers looked and if they have harvested any honey.  She then asked for show of hands of any new members or anyone attending for the first time.  Welcome. Cathy then proceeded to introduce club Officers.
SECRETARY:  Cindy Connell at the back table, passing out door prize tickets.  Cathy asked if there were any corrections to the on-line June Minutes.  With no corrections needed she asked for a  motion to approve club Minutes as posted. Motion made and seconded.  June Minutes approved as posted.  Be sure and review the Club Minutes posted on our website @ midwesternbeekeepers.org.
TREASURER’S REPORT:   Presented and filed per Ron Vivian.   Cathy asked for a motion for the report to be approved as read.  Motion made/seconded and approved as read.
MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Tanya Fisher reported one new member,  Jutta Lipsky of Holt, Mo.
EDITOR:  Joli Winer, Editor of our club newsletter , “The Bee Line”.
LIBRARY REPORT:  Tom O’Neill reported one new book,  Beekeepers Bible  for our club library.
HONEY PLANTS:  No Honey Plant report as Tom Britz, Honey Plant Chair, was absent.  However a point was made that his Honey Plant article in the “Bee Line” was very informative and well worth reading if you hadn’t gotten to read it yet.
OTHER INTRODUCTIONS:  Robert Burns, Auditor; Phill Levi, Monthly Programs;Terry O’Bryan, 1st Board Member; Ed Fisher, 2nd Board Member; Jim Fisher, 3rdBoard Member; Dean Sanders, State Liaison Chair; and Andy Nowachek, Past President.
UNFINISHED/ONGOING  BUSINESS:  We are continuing to take Name Tag orders or if you have already ordered a tag, be sure and pick it up at the back  table.
NEW BUSINESS:  Cathy announced that except for 2nd and 3rd Board Members, all offices are up for reassignment each year.  She asked for Volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee who know members, understand the “Duties of the Offices” and are willing to work to pair them up.  Those volunteering for the committee are as follows:  Tanya Fisher, Dean Sanders, Tom O’Neill, Andy Nowachek, Robert Burns, Cheryl Westra , and Cindy Connell.  Motion was made and seconded to approve volunteers for Nominating Committee.    Cathy asked that it you have a talent or interest in any of the offices, please give your name to Tanya Fisher, Membership Officer, so she can pass your information along to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  Please note:  if you are not chosen for an office this year, your name can be held over for consideration next year.  Cathy praised our club as having lots of untapped resources and talent and was a remarkable club.
Cathy announced that our August 4th meeting would be a Picnic/Potluck/Honey Show/Auction to be held at the Masonic Hall, 2409 South 291 in Lee’s Summit, Mo at 2:00 p.m.  The picnic is pot luck with watermelon and beverages provided by the club.  Gather your items to donate for the auction to benefit our scholarship program and/or knick knacks for BINGO.  Bring photos and gadgets to share and your smokers for a first time Smoker contest.  Come early and help set up tables, chairs, food spread, games and auction.  Don’t forget to bring your entries for the Honey judging to prepare for the State Fair.
She also reported 3 signup sheets on the back table for Members Volunteer: Swarm Retrivial, Mentor list, and to work the Mo Beekeepers Honey Booth at the Mo State Fair.
OTHER BUSINESS:  Cathy announced Mr. Joe Wasson of Sedalia, Mo has 130 acres open to place hives on, if anyone would be interested contact her for further information.
Thanks go to Nolan William and Summer Sweeney, 2 of our Scholarship students, for assisting Cathy with an Educational Program for inner city kids earlier this week.
PROGRAM:  With no further announcements from the floor Phill Levi introduced Terry O’Bryan who presented an informative program on  “Organizing for the Harvest” and” First Year Oxyalic Acid Treatment”.  Terry presented his own experimental application of Oxyalic Acid treatment  this year and is anxious to see how it works.  For detailed information about Oxyalic Acid treatment, refer to the website scientificbeekeeping.com.  The program was followed with a question and answer session.  Thank you Terry and Phill.
Cathy then reminded everyone if they hadn’t signed the register and got a door prize ticket to do so and thanked the suppliers of the door prizes.  Her beneficial tidbits of information for this month come from Bee Hive Water Facts by James Tew.
1.     Time it takes for a bee to load up with water- 1 minute.
2.     Normal time for a bee to make a water run- 3 minutes or less (67%), 10 minutes or less (92%).
3.     Rest period between trips- 2 to 3 minutes.
4.     Water trips per day- 50  (100 max).
5.     One quart of water will take 800 bees working all day.
Cathy shared some stories from her bee yard while the door prizes were being drawn.  One of her stored hive body on a solid bottom board was infested with small hive beetle larvae.  She made a salt box which killed all the larvae (no bees involved).  She provides water to her bees in a front feeder with a color coordinated bootie placed over the jar for orientation for the bees.  Healthy colonies may take in 1 quart  of water a day in hot temperatures.
* Don’t forget to see Dean to sign up to work at the Mo State Fair Beekeepers Assn. Honey Booth.*
Meeting closed at 8:17pm.
Cathy ‘s challenge question from April has still not been answered.  The US Military has researched the bee’s ability to “sniff” out explosives.  She challenged attendees to research this information to find out how far is it that bees can detect odors (wind excluded). Anyone up to the challenge, please E-mail Cathy with your answer and the resource.
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