2014 May Minutes

May Meeting Minutes
DATE: Thursday, May 22, 2014 at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
OPEN: President Cathy Misko, encouraged everyone to take a few more minutes to bid on the silent auction items. Reminded everyone that if you want it, be sure and bid generously. The money will go to the Youth Scholarship Program which we awarded 9 this year at $500 each. Cathy M. thanked Carol Kjelshus, a life member, who donated equipment and Peter Fish, who helped pick up items. At 7:05, she called the meeting to order. Welcomed all to the 2014 Beekeeping Revolution and gave a big thanks to Andrea Grimwood and Terry O’Bryan for our new meeting venue, Graceway Fellowship Hall, and reminded everyone to park on the West side and use the Main Entrance. The wheel chair and drop off access is on the South. Our membership has grown to 425 paid members. Cathy M. asked if any had tried the slides located in the facility.
Cathy M. welcomed everyone and asked if there were any new Members and/or anyone here for the first time. Requested everyone take a few minutes to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share if they have seen swarm cells, caught a swarm or seen their bees putting up honey.
INTRODUCTION OF OFFICERS/CHAIRS AND REPORTS: Cathy M. asked if any corrections needed to be made to the April minutes posted online. No Corrections, April minutes filed as posted. Be sure and check out the monthly club minutes posted on our website @midwesternbeekeepers.org
Secretary: Cindy Connell back at the registration table and passing out door prize tickets. Be sure and check out the monthly club minutes posted on our website @midwesternbeekeepers.org.
Membership: Tanya Fisher also at the back table taking new and renewal Membership dues. She also has a sign up list for Members to receive our Newsletter “The Bee Line” via their Email.
Webmaster: Cheryl Westra, with a report on our new Web Site, the Midwestern Beekeepers Association Facebook page and Twitter. We’re catching up with the times.
Programs: Laura Fish, who brings us excellent Program Presenters.
Publicity Committee Chair and Editor: Joli Winer, with a couple of announcements. She asked for a show of hands indicating approval of the Newsletter content, encouraged members to sign up to receive the Newsletter via Email and reminded everyone of the Northeast KS Beekeepers Funday scheduled June 7, 2014. Joli W. shared information about the Funday food, speakers and programs. Cathy M. then asked Joli W. how many years she had served in the capacity of Editor. Joli W. said 18 and Cathy M. thanked her for all her hard work.
Auditor: Robert Burns.
Librarian: Tom O’Neill, reported the new addition to the library this month is “Swarm Essentials” written by Stephen J. Repasky with John Connor. Tom O. recommended reading it.
Board Members: 1st Phill Levi (not present); 2nd Terry O’Bryan, 3rd Ed Fisher.
Honey Plants Chair: Tom Britz, who reported lots of honey plants blooming right now and the bees should be busy making honey. Refer to his article in the Newsletter .
State Liaison Chair: Dean Sanders. Check our Mo State Beekeepers Facebook page.
Urban Liaison Chair: Ezekiel Amador(not present).
Treasurer: Wes Johnston, read the Treasurer’s report. Filed as read. Refer to attachment.
Cathy M. stated that all of these Officers and Directors are here to answer any of your questions. At the back table is membership renewals, name tag orders for $8.00, packages of bee flowers and sign up lists to receive the Newletter by Email, Volunteer Mentor, and Swarm list. Cathy M. encouraged everyone to sign up if possible. No other unfinished business.
NEW BUSINESS: Cathy M. announced that the back table had a variety of fliers to sort through with information of upcoming events and information. She asked Roger Wood to stand and be recognized for his many years as a mentor; Donald Tilman to stand and announced his 50 year Bee operation is for sale and if anyone is interested to contact him at mkself2000@yahoo.com. Cathy M. also announced Cassandra Jones near Richmond needs a mentor, as does Michael Batten. Contact Cathy M. for further information.
Dates to Remember:
July 19, 2014: Amanda Tooney had contacted her asking if any of our members would be interested in giving a short “Bee” program in Lee’s Summit, Saturday the 19th after the Parade.
Cathy M. thanked everyone for their Silent Auction donations and those bidding. We have a variety of Queen Bees we are raffling off tonight as well as opening raffle ticket sales for the Youth Scholarship Program which will be drawn at our picnic on Sunday, August 3 ,2014. The items being raffled off are : a framed Bee on Flower picture donated by Bobbie Walker,a Complete Woodenware Hive donated by Heartland, and a Year Family Membership to Powell Garden. With no announcements from the floor she turned the microphone over toLaura F. to introduce tonight’s program.
Before beginning the program, Laura F. reminded everyone that The 3rd week of June was State Pollinator week and asked everyone to plant 1 plant to promote the event She then introduced Barb and Jeff Fetchenhier as our speakers tonight to present their program on“GMO’S- Don’t be afraid to Ask- Be afraid Not to Know”. Barb and Jeff explained in detail what GMO’S (Genetically Modified Organism’s) and GE (Genetically Engineered) are and how they can affect us and our bees. Emphasis was stressed toward knowing why bees are in danger and how we can help them as well as ourselves from harmful substance contamination. The program was profound and very informative. Discussion and questions were answered afterwards. Laura F. thanked them for sharing this important topic with us.
The second part of the program was the Silent Auction and the Queen Bee raffle. Cathy M.gave everyone a few more minutes to check their bids and increase them if needed at the Silent Auction tables. She then asked State Honey Queen Lauren Collins, to escort the Queens to the front of the room for the raffle. Following the Queen Bee raffle, door prize tickets were drawn. Cathy M. then announced the Silent Auction was closed and everyone could pick up their winnings and settle up at the back table. She hoped all the Queen winners would enjoy their bees and reminded them in June we would have more Queens to raffle off, including some Russians. She thanked all the workers who helped set up the Silent Auction tables and for the great job Andrea Grimwood and Jim Edwards are doing with the technical requirements of our programs. She reminded all to join Midwestern at Powell Gardens, June 21, 2014 for State Pollinator Week which is June 16-22. Cathy M.also announced the Heartland Apicultural Society Conference will be held July 10-12, 2014, at Southern Illinois in Carbondale, Illinois.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05.