2015 August Minutes

Midwestern Beekeepers Association
August Meeting Minutes
Date: August 9, 2015 at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
Open: President Cathy Misko welcomed everyone to the club’s Annual Picnic Meeting at 2:20. Reminded all to be sure and turn in their Honey entries for judging and auction items. Food tables were being set up as were the Silent Auction tables and games. Asked all Scholarship Students to raise their hand for acknowledgement. Described the overview of today’s activities and explained the games. She then asked Bob Justice for the Blessing. Food lines were started and everyone enjoyed the fellowship.
Program: Cory Webb, Scholarship Student, gave his presentation of his first year as a Beekeeper complete with pictures and humorous anecdotes. Thanked all especially his Mentors Peter and Laura Fish.
Claire McClung, Scholarship Student, then presented her program titled “How Not to Raise Bees”. Entertaining and informative, everyone learned some do’s and don’ts about beekeeping. Thanked her Mentor, John Stegner. Both students answered questions during and after their presentations.
Presentation of Awards: Six Scholarship Students were awarded their Certificate of Completion and name tag. Jacqueline Janorschke, Garrett Miller, Claire McClung, Kyle Day, Cory Webb and Riley Taranto.
Honey Show Winners: Judges: Ed and Jean Fisher and Tom O’Neill. Ribbons issued.
Lt Amber extracted: 1. Debbie DeCaigney, 2. Jacqueline Janorschke, 3. Erin Mullins.
Dark Extracted: 1. Megan Allan, 2. Dolores Vivian.
Art Design in Beeswax: 1. Dolores Vivian.
Game Winners: Prizes awarded.
Honey Jokes: Tie between Andrew McClung and Lucy McClung.
Number of Drones: Terry Wright with the correct count of 23.
Honey Density: Yellow: Too thick 15%, Nathan McClung; Pink: Too thin 20%, tie between Ella McClung and Nathan McClung; Green, Just right 16.5%, Kyle Day.
Hive Hefting: #1 hive Too Light, Bob Harrison; #2 Just right, Harold Wright; #3 Too heavy, Bob Harrison.
Bee Bag Toss: All winners received a honey stick.
EZ Nuc Assembly Race: Debbie Decaigney, Harold Wright, and Hank Strickland assembled the EZ Nuc in 5min 20sec. Debbie D. received the EZ Nuc.
Silent Auction closed. No large items to Auction off. Attendees settled their Silent Auction purchases and others helped clean up the room. Monies go to the Youth Scholarship Fund.
Cathy M. thanked all who came and participated in this Annual fun event with MBA. Closed ~5:45.