2015 January Minutes

Midwestern Beekeeper’s Association
January Meeting Minutes
Date:  Sunday, January 18, 2015, at Graceway Fellowship Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
OPEN:   President Cathy Misko called the meeting to order at ~2:30pm.  She greeted all with a thank you for their thoughtful donations to REAP.  She gave any newcomers the directions for the Men’s/Ladies’ rooms.New members and anyone attending for the first time were welcomed.  The attendees were asked to raise their hands if they did not have bees, but were planning to get some this year.Everyone was asked to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share one item they were planning to focus on for 2015. Cathy M.asked how many beekeepers have taken advantage of the gorgeous weather and peeked into their hives.  Show of hands if they look good….Show of hands if they need prayer…..Unsure?   Now is the time to check them to assure that they have food above and next to the cluster.
Cathy M. asked if there were any corrections for the online December Minutes.  There were
none, she asked they be filed as posted.
Secretary:  Cindy Connell, along with her husband Jim C., at the back table monitoring the
registration book and passing out door prize tickets.  They share the honor of 2014 Beekeepers of the year.  Be sure and check out the monthly minutes posted online @
Membership:  Tanya Fisher, takes dues and has a sign up list for receiving the ‘Newsletter’ via your email.

Webmaster:  Cheryl Westra
, orchestrates our website/Facebook and twitter.
Programs:  Laura Fish, polishes these important monthly programs.
Publicity Committee Chair/Editor:  Janice Britz, tackles the job of putting together the
‘Newsletter’ each month.
Librarian:  Tom O’Neill, reported a new textbook titled “Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping
Revised Edition” by Dewey M. Caron was dedicated to our library in the memory of Robert Dye.  There is lots of color photography and it is designed to teach the Why, How, and Whens of Beekeeping at college level.  Tom O. also shared that Robert “Bob” Dye passed away November 14, 2014.  For those not familiar with Bob D., he ran a Beekeeping Supply business in Overland Park, Ks; was a Lifetime member in the Midwestern Beekeepers and was Beekeeper of the Year 1993.
Three Wise Board Members:  1st Dean Sanders, 2nd Steve DeCaigney, and 3rd Terry O’Bryan.
Honey Plants Chair:  Tom Britz (not present), but his wife Janice B. spoke for Tom B. about a few flowers they had observed in their yard recently with the warm weather.
State Liaison Chair:  Dean Sanders takes care of the Mo State Fair booth/State Fair entries/Join Mo State Beekeepers Facebook.
Urban Liaison Chair:  Ezekiel Amador III (not present).  The person to contact with any urban gardening , bee questions or concerns.
Hospitality Chair:  Rick Messenger.
Nuc Initiative:  Stuart Dietz (not present).
Treasurer:  Wes Johnston read the Treasurers Report. It was filed as presented.
Cathy M. reminded everyone these Officers are here to answer your questions, so feel free to contact any of them.
ONGOING BUSINESS:  Check out the tables at the back of the room for Sign up lists/Name Tag  sales and sign up for electronic ‘Newsletter’ in order to receive it in color and sooner than USPS.  Informational flyers about upcoming events, 2015 Calendar sales, and other book sales are back at that table also.
NEW BUSINESS:  Cathy M. asked Laura F. to assist in her presenting an award we were unable to present at the December meeting.  Ed Fisher and his wife Jean F., Lifetime Members, were asked to come to the front to receive the 2014 Appreciation Award.  As Jean F. was not present, Ed F. accepted the award for both of them.  They have invested over 28 years promoting beekeeping, donating supplies, donating quilts, last minute answering their phone assuring supplies to a panicking beekeeper and have shared beekeeping wisdom to hundreds/thousands.  Ed F. has served years on our board as Board member, Secretary and Beekeeper of the Year.  Laura F. read/presented Ed F. with a commemorative certificate and Cathy M. presented him with matching MBA logo jackets.  He thanked everyone.
Cathy M. also wanted to recognize the beekeeping knowledge and countless years of service to Midwestern by Joli Winer, Cecil Sweeney and Robert Burns with stained glass pieces of art which were custom made by John and Sue Stained Glass along with certificates to show our appreciation.  Arrangements will be made to get these items delivered.  She said if anyone was interested in ordering such custom works of art to contact her.
OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cathy M. reminded everyone that Bass Pro has reserved space for our Monthly Value Added Meetings.  These spaces are scheduled on evening week nights throughout the year to cover various Midwestern needs and topics.  Please separate these Bass Pro gatherings from the General Meeting which meets here at Graceway and keep an eye on our website for updates.
February 7,2015- The Eastern Mo Advance Beekeeping Course will be held in St. Louis.
March 7,2015- 20th Annual Beginning Beekeeping Workshop by Midwestern Beekeepers
Association will be held at The Point @ Graceway.  Scholarship students passed out
informational flyers for members to post in their local nurseries, libraries, farm stores, grocery, etc.  Roger Nichols started these classes in order to attract more beekeepers.  The numbers were so much smaller than today……look at the results of his investment in beekeeping education.  Thank you Roger N.
Wanda Johnston reported the Queen Rearing Class Saturday May 2, 2015 is full.
With no further announcements at this time the floor was turned over to Laura F. for today’s
program presentations.  The first program was Jacqueline Janorschke, a 2014 Youth
Scholarship recipient.  Her power point presentation titled “The Bee-Ginning “was about her first year as a beekeeper and what a year she had.  Jacqueline J. is focusing on both academic and life goals she is striving to achieve and in just one year has went from 1 hive to 5 hives.  Her program was entertaining as well as educational.  Good Job.
The next program was given by Jim and Tanya Fisher about “Beeswax…Now that I have it, what do I do with it?”  They demonstrated the process of rendering beeswax for a quality product and covered different items that are made from beeswax.  Their helpful tips and suggestions will encourage others to go beyond just extracting honey. It’s no wonder they have won the State Grand Champion at the Mo State Fair so many times.
Questions were answered during and after each presentation.  Each received a round of
Ross Murphy stood and announced he had packaged and brought flower seed packets for
honeybee food plots for any who was interested (free).
Prior to door prizes, Cathy M. asked Jay and Andrea Grimway of Graceway Fellowship Hall to come to the front for presentation of a stained glass piece of art in appreciation for allowing us to use their facility for our General Meetings.  Jay G. thanked membership for the recognition and was glad it was working out for us.
Cathy M. then asked if there were any potential Youth Scholarship Applicants here today
checking us out.  She welcomed and asked to speak with them after the meeting. She thanked everyone for all the muscle work to set and return the room to order and while we
were drawing for door prizes, members would be passing out pieces of Ed and Jean F.’s
Appreciation Cake to anyone interested.
Meeting over at ~4:45.